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The concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete pump commonly used at present. When the pumping operation is performed, the concrete pump truck usually needs to expand all the booms, and through the high-pressure action of the pumping system, the concrete is pumped to the use site by the boom pipes. If the concrete pump truck needs to be pumped at close range, how can it be more economical? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts. Experts point out that when a concrete pump truck is used for concrete pumping on high-rise or large spans, it usually needs to expand the tens of meters of boom to pump ... [ detailed ]
Concrete pumps have a history of nearly one hundred years. In 1907, France began to study concrete pumps, and some people obtained patents. Since then, some people have obtained patent rights in the United States in 1913 and manufactured the first concrete pump, but it was put on hold after trial operation and has not been applied. In 1927, Feliz Heier of France designed and manufactured a concrete pump, which was successfully used for the first time. By 1930, Germany had manufactured vertical single-cylinder ball valve piston pumps. This pump is driven by the crankshaft and rocker, and it is vertical ... [ Details ]
Concrete is a kind of building material used by many construction parties at present. In the construction, the pouring operation of concrete is very important. So what should you pay attention to when pouring concrete? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Experts point out that during the construction of concrete pump trucks, some operations need to be performed on the concrete pump trucks before the concrete pouring, which can ensure the smooth progress of the construction. Specifically, it can be carried out from the following aspects: 1 ... [ detailed ]
Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used by many construction parties, which can greatly increase the power of construction. In the construction, if the concrete pump operation is not standard, it is likely to cause all kinds of safety hazards to appear. How to prevent this? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Experts point out: When the concrete pump is in operation, the pumping equipment and pipelines should be investigated, and hidden dangers should be dealt with in time. In the construction process, we must not blindly pursue the construction power and ignore some hidden safety hazards ... [ Details ]
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