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  • The concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete pump commonly used at present. When the pumping operation is performed, the concrete pump truck usually needs to expand all the booms, and through the high-pressure action of the pumping system, the concrete is pumped to the use site by the boom pipes. If the concrete pump truck needs to be pumped at close range, how can it be more economical? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts. Experts point out: When the concrete pump truck pumps concrete for high-rise or large span ... Details >>
  • Concrete pumps have a history of nearly one hundred years. In 1907, France began to study concrete pumps, and some people obtained patents. Since then, some people have obtained patent rights in the United States in 1913 and manufactured the first concrete pump, but it was put on hold after trial operation and has not been applied. In 1927, Feliz Heier of France designed and manufactured a concrete pump, which was successfully used for the first time. By 1930, Germany had manufactured vertical single-cylinder ball valve pistons ... Details >>
  • Concrete is a kind of building material used by many construction parties at present. In the construction, the pouring operation of concrete is very important. So what should you pay attention to when pouring concrete? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Experts point out: When the concrete pump truck is under construction, some operations need to be performed on the concrete pump truck before concrete pouring, so that the construction can be carried out smoothly, then what should be paid attention to when concrete pouring ... Details >>
  • Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used by many construction parties, which can greatly increase the power of construction. In the construction, if the concrete pump operation is not standard, it is likely to cause all kinds of safety hazards to appear. How to prevent this? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Experts point out: When the concrete pump is in operation, the pumping equipment and pipelines should be investigated, and hidden dangers should be dealt with in time. During the construction process, no ... more >>
  • As a transportation tool for concrete transportation, concrete pumps have been widely used in various construction fields. In order to improve construction efficiency and save construction costs, many construction companies are increasingly favoring the use of concrete pumps to transport concrete. However, with the increase of the service life, the concrete pump may encounter a situation in which the pumping displacement cannot be adjusted. So what is the reason for this phenomenon? Specifically, you can view it through the following steps ... Details >>
  • Concrete pump was a kind of conveying pump commonly used by many construction parties at that time, and it could greatly increase the power of construction. Concrete pump hydraulic oil is an essential substance for the operation of concrete pumps, and its quality affects the operation status of concrete pumps. So how to avoid the pollution of the hydraulic oil of the concrete pump in the construction? This is a problem that many constructors are very concerned about. According to statistics, most engineering machinery hydraulic system failures are due to hydraulic oil pollution ... Details >>
  • Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties. During construction, due to mechanical problems, it is likely to fail to start. So what should be done when the concrete pump engine is not started during construction? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about. Experts point out: In normal work, many operators may encounter difficulties in starting the engine or may not be able to start. Many people are at a loss what to do at this moment ... Details >>
  • As a very common kind of mechanical equipment at that time, concrete pumps have now come into wide use in major construction areas. During construction, due to improper maintenance or improper operation of the concrete pump, as the time is prolonged, it is likely to present a problem that the concrete pump cylinder has a small number of cycles. So what are the solutions to reduce the number of cylinder cycles in concrete pump operations? Many people don't know much about this issue. Experts point out: the use of concrete pumps ... Details >>
  • In the construction project, we found that after the construction, exposed bars were formed on the exterior of the construction. Generally, the main reasons for this are: 1. After the steel bar was completed on the repair model board, the steel bar was deformed and displaced due to artificial stepping. 2. Improper cooperation of concrete or improper feeding will cause concrete to segregate, lack of slurry in the pouring site or serious leakage of formwork, resulting in leakage of slurry. 3. The cross-section of the engineering structure is small, the steel bars are too dense, the ambassador stones are stuck on the steel bars, concrete water ... Details >>
  • When pumping concrete pumps at lower temperatures, we must also pay attention to some problems to avoid unnecessary problems in engineering operations. Today, I will explain some things to pay attention to when concrete pumps are at low temperatures. The corresponding method, but it is more convenient to cast concrete with a concrete pump at a low temperature of -20 ° C than at a high temperature. As long as the flushing water in the water tank is always moving, this temperature will not freeze ... More >>
  • At that time, in response to the world ’s environmental requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, all manufacturers in the construction machinery field were moving towards producing energy-saving and environmentally friendly concrete pumps. So what kind of concrete pump can produce energy saving and emission reduction after all? Specifically, energy-saving and emission-reducing concrete pumps usually have the following characteristics. I. Intelligent speed control technology Intelligent driving refers to the intelligent programming setting to ensure that the vehicle can intelligently control the engine rotation according to the operating environment ... Details >>
  • Damage caused by improper use of concrete pumps 1. Concrete, hydraulic oil splash, eye injury caused by cement or other chemicals; 2. Repair of hydraulic pipelines for damage caused by the hydraulic system without pressure relief; 3. Pressure in the concrete conveying pipe Damage caused by disassembling the pipeline when it is broken; 4. Damage caused by the pump overturning due to improper lifting or support; 5. Damage caused by sliding or falling of the pipeline when the pipeline is not fixed or the joints, ... more >>
  • Concrete pumped concrete preparation is confirmed according to different strength specifications. Concrete strength specifications are confirmed according to statistical calculations of similar concrete. Together, the following requirements should be met: 1. When the concrete strength grade is C25, its strength specification is poor. The accounting value is less than 2.5MPa, and the standard deviation for calculating the preparation strength should be not less than 2.5MPa; when the concrete strength grade is C30, and the calculated value of the strength specification difference is less than 3.0MPa ... Details >>
  • Before assessing the possible causes of pipeline incidents, we must first determine the incident model. In short, there is a problem when any part of the pipeline system causes the "useful amount" of the product to leak occasionally. The term "useful amount" is to distinguish between "event" and harmful leakage. Unless the transport medium is highly toxic, Otherwise, the slight leakage of the equipment near the flange and the concrete pump pump pipe is irrelevant (for us ... Details >>
  • Concrete pumps have now been properly and widely used in major construction units. It has greatly improved the efficiency of concrete transportation. In the construction industry, adherence to the outstanding smoothness of the S pipe and the mixing system can better ensure the smooth construction. So how to smooth the concrete pump S pipe and mixing? Many builders are not aware of this issue. Experts point out that during the use of concrete pumps, it is necessary to ensure that each part of its system is outstanding at all times ... Details >>
  • 2019 is a year of blowout construction in the machinery industry, with major machinery exhibitions vying to be held. Concrete pumps are also increasingly used by major construction sites, which not only improves environmental issues, but also greatly speeds up construction power. There are also some customers who are still looking around without buying. Such problems as how much concrete pumps are generally the primary reason for customers' tangle. Today, I will analyze the question of how much concrete pumps are from the following two aspects. I .... Details >>
  • As a user of concrete pumps, when we use them, concrete pumps will definitely have a variety of conditions. Today, Pengda Machinery will analyze some common manifestations of equipment blocked pipes: when the concrete pump has a pressure rise When it is high and unstable, the oil temperature rises, and the pipe is obviously vibrated, the pipe bends, tapered pipes and other parts are likely to become blocked. At this time, you can use a mallet to hit these parts and slow down Speed pump ... Details >>
  • In rural houses, concrete pumps are still the first choice for mixing and pumping concrete. It can be said that it is a trend and an irreversible thing to use concrete pumps to build houses in rural areas. The use of concrete pumps to build a house not only speeds up the construction and saves costs, but the foundation, beams and floors can be poured in 10 days for a whole 3-storey high-rise building. Although the concrete pump has many advantages, it is still required to operate correctly during the operation process to prevent pipe plugging from slowing down the construction of the house, especially in winter ... Details >>
  • I used to work with the contractor on the construction site to work hard. Later, after a long time, I slowly formed a construction team myself, and also became a contractor. I know the hard work on the construction site, especially on hot days. , Hot and tired, very hard! When there are many construction sites, I ca n’t be too busy. My friend proposed to buy a machine. Although it costs a little money, it can be a lot easier and the officer is fast! I chose the concrete pump of Shandong Pengda, this machine can transport while mixing ... Details >>
  • What causes the concrete pump distribution valve not to sway? Let Pengda analyze the reason for you! 1. Defective or wiring drop of the jog button of the distribution valve. The coil is burnt out. 4. The pilot relief valve is defective and the reversing pressure is not feasible. 5. The distribution valve is stuck by a foreign body. 6. The constant pressure pump is defective and the reversing pressure cannot meet the requirements. It is long, the commutation resistance is large, and the pendulum can't move. 8.S tube bearing wears severely, commutation ... Details >>
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