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Why does the concrete pump show abnormal wheel wear?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-5-28 8:15:34

The use of concrete pumps for concrete construction projects is a trustworthy existence of many customers and friends. Why do abnormal wear of wheels occur during the use of concrete pump trucks ? I did a brief cause analysis for you.

First, it is necessary to correctly select and install wheeled construction machinery vehicle tires, and match the corresponding inner tube according to the tire specifications.

If this is not possible, tires of the same specification, same pattern and the same type should be assembled on the same axle; when new tires are replaced, the entire vehicle or coaxial should be replaced; tires with directional patterns should be replaced in accordance with Install in the prescribed rolling direction; when replacing with a new tire, install the new tire on the front wheel and the repaired tire on the rear wheel. Refurbished tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels).

Second, the temperature of the tires of wheeled construction machinery vehicles must also be controlled.

When concrete pump vehicles stop on the way and arrive at the scene, they must develop a good taxi parking habit. During the running of the vehicle, the tire generates heat due to friction and deformation, which increases the temperature and air pressure inside the tire. To choose a flat, clean, and oil-free ground for parking, each tire must land smoothly, especially when the vehicle is loaded overnight. You should also choose a parking place and lift the rear wheels if necessary.

3. Regularly change the tires of wheeled construction machinery.

After driving a concrete pump vehicle for a period of time, the front and rear tires are different in terms of fatigue and wear, so they should be replaced in time according to regulations. There are two methods of changing tires and crossing methods. The cross transposition method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on arched roads, while the cycle transposition method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on flatter roads.

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