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How to maintain the chassis of a concrete pump truck?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-7-7 12:15:27

The chassis is a very important part of the concrete pump truck . In daily life, if a problem occurs in the chassis of the concrete pump truck , it is likely that the concrete pump truck cannot move normally and affects the normal operation of the construction. Then how to maintain the concrete in daily life What about the chassis of the pump truck ? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out that when manufacturing a concrete pump truck , the choice of its chassis is quite strict, and generally it should meet the following requirements: ① The power of the engine should be able to meet the driving power required by each device of the pump truck. ② The total mass of the pump truck and the distribution of its axle load should be within the allowable mass of the front and rear axles of the original automobile chassis. ③ There is enough space to prepare power output devices. ④ It can reasonably install the turret base of the distribution device and the concrete pumping device. In order to prolong the service life of the pump truck chassis, in daily life, it is recommended to maintain the chassis from the following aspects:

1. After the engine is used for 50 hours, the engine oil should be replaced. At the same time, the oil filter and the diesel fine filter should be replaced, and the diesel primary filter and the air filter should be cleaned. In the future construction, it is recommended to change the oil every 250 hours. Usually, if the oil level is insufficient and needs to be added, you must use the same brand and model of oil that meet the requirements.

2. When the pump truck is working, it is recommended to check the oil level every 10 hours or once a day. If the amount is insufficient, it is recommended to inject it in time.

3. Generally, the gear oil of the power take-off transfer case should be replaced after the pump car is used for 200 hours. After that, each oil change should be performed once every 1,000 hours (or half a year). The grease in the power take-off transfer case bearings. It is recommended to raise every 1000 hours.

At present, concrete pump trucks have been widely used in major construction units. How to maintain the chassis of concrete pump trucks in daily life? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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