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How much profit does the concrete pump remove?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-8-14 21:40:37

Everyone says that the concrete pump industry is very profitable, but how much money can it make? Next, let's talk about the profitability of the concrete pump . Because each local price is different from the price of each manufacturer, I will make a rough calculation below (taking a 47-meter concrete pump as an example) for reference only

1.First calculate how much money you can make in a year?

A new 47-meter concrete pump needs at least about 3 million, which is the cost.

The current market conditions, the price of concrete pumped by a concrete pump between 23-28, taking the central value of 25.5 yuan price.

The total amount of concrete pumped by concrete pumps for a year is calculated according to 100,000 cubic meters (estimated pumpers are exhausted).

Total gross income for one year: 100000 × 25.5 = 2550000 yuan.

2. Let's calculate the cost of maintaining the concrete pump .

1. Labor cost: two concrete pumps for one concrete pump . The salary is calculated at 8,000 yuan per month. The cost for one year: 8000 × 2 × 12 = 192,000 yuan.

Consumption cost of wearing parts of concrete pump :

1. Pump tube: The life of a pump tube is calculated according to 30,000 cubic meters of concrete. One car needs to replace 3 sets of pump tubes in one year. The cost of replacing a set of pump tubes with a 47-meter concrete pump is about 35,000. Cost: 35000 × 3 = 105,000 yuan.

2. Spectacle plate, cutting ring, piston: The life of a set of pistons is about 20,000 cubic meters of concrete. Five sets of pistons are needed in a year. The cost of a set of pistons is about 1200 yuan; , 3 sets a year, the cost of a set of glasses and cutting rings is around 4500, so the total cost for a year is: (1200 × 5) + (4500 × 3) = 19500 yuan.

3.Hydraulic oil and filter element: The hydraulic oil and filter element are changed every six months. The cost of changing the hydraulic oil of a 47-meter concrete pump is about 19,000 yuan, and the cost of changing the filter element is about 3,000 yuan. The total cost: (19000 + 3000) × 2 = 44000 yuan.

4. Fuel cost: The price of No. 0 diesel oil in Hunan area is about 6.6 yuan / liter. It is calculated based on 100,000 cubic meters of concrete. The concrete pump of Isuzu chassis pumps 1m³ of concrete. 0.5-0.6L diesel is required. The concrete pump of Mercedes-Benz chassis Sending 1m³ of concrete requires 0.6-0.7L diesel. As for the traveling process, about 25-30L diesel of one hundred kilometers; calculated according to the Mercedes-Benz chassis, the central fuel consumption value; the mileage traveled is calculated according to 30,000 kilometers per year, and the fuel cost for one year: (100000 × 0.65 × 6.6) + (30000 ÷ 100 × 27.5 × 6.6) = 476950 yuan.

5. Chassis maintenance costs: The chassis also needs to be repaired and changed for oil every year. The maintenance is calculated twice a year, and the total cost is about 8,000 yuan.

6. Other loss costs: There are some small wearing parts on the concrete pump , as well as some daily shortcomings, and repair costs are required. About 100,000 floating reserve funds are prepared for about one year.

How much money did you make?

Approximate net profit: 2550000-192000-105000-19500-44000-476950-8000-100000 = 1604550 yuan.

Monthly income: 1604550 ÷ 12 = 133713 yuan.

Daily income: 133713 ÷ 30 = 4457 yuan.

In this way, a 47-meter concrete pump can earn back the concrete pump car in about two years.

Pengda's mixing truck-mounted pump can generally pour 150 square meters of concrete per hour. If 100 square meters are poured per hour, the operation is calculated for 8 hours a day, and 800 square meters are poured for a day. If you charge 10 yuan, the gross profit will be 24,000 yuan per month, excluding the labor cost of 150 yuan, and 6 people will be 900 yuan. The budget of forklift fuel consumption and generator fuel consumption will be 600 yuan, and other expenditures will be 500 yuan. Yuan, a total of 2,000 yuan expenditure. The net profit for one day is 8000-2000 = 6,000 yuan, and the net profit that can be invented within 30 days of mixing the vehicle pump is 180,000 yuan, and 2.16 million yuan a year.

4.What is the real situation?

It is said that the concrete pump industry is very profitable, but how much money is it? I will make a rough calculation below for reference only, because there are still differences in each locality. (Take a 47-meter concrete pump as an example)

According to the above calculations, we can see that the concrete pump is indeed very profitable, and it is almost catching up with a banknote printing machine. Are you now excited and want to do a concrete pump ? So, maybe Maybe, I want to pour cold water on you, why?

The above algorithm has no shortcomings. If it can really do what you want, then congratulations. The day of getting rich is not far away from you. However, this is based on the concrete pump being active. According to my understanding, many Concrete pumps dry less than tens of thousands of cubic meters of concrete a year, so the livelihood situation is still very difficult.

Secondly, there are certain skills in the management of concrete pumps . This requires that concrete pump management personnel can reasonably dispatch concrete pumps , including fuel consumption control. In short, people can perform shifts. However, the car cannot be idle, which requires you. There is a strong network of people, as well as those who do not provide maintenance as long as the concrete pump works , so when buying a concrete pump , it depends on how the manufacturer sells it.

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