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Concrete pump has dual functions of mixing and conveying
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-8-15 16:32:18

How to protect the concrete pump in stages? We know that the concrete pump has two functions of mixing and conveying. Compared with a single mixer or pump, the working load is twice or even several times that of a single utility device. Therefore, in the long-term use of concrete pumps , we do not only need to know the use and do not know the protection.
Generally, the protection of concrete pumps will take different protective measures and steps depending on the length of its operating time. Specifically, it includes the following aspects:
The important thing about a concrete pump is that it is protected daily. Daily protection is a compulsory course for hybrid day pumps, like people eat every day. In fact, there are not many items to check, that is to check the hydraulic oil level, oil quality, etc. Depending on the operating time of the concrete pump operation, for example, the concrete pump operation time is up to 50 hours, and then protection is required. In addition to daily protection, screw connections, water tanks, and electrical systems are required. When the concrete pump running time reaches 100 hours, in addition to the above-mentioned inspection items, the loss of consumable parts should also be checked to ensure that the concrete pump can operate normally in future operations.
Clean mixed concrete, sand, and other debris admixed inside and outside of commercial concrete pump equipment to keep the inside of the equipment clean. The tools and parts in the mixed commercial concrete pump should be arranged regularly for easy use. The requirements of the concrete pump for each part are not to rust, check whether the oil pressure is normal, whether the oil meets the requirements, and clean the oil gun, oil cup and linoleum. Refuel after heating with water. Remember not to refuel in the presence of water, or it will cause serious damage to the engine.
According to the instructions of the concrete pump , the equipment will not be overloaded to ensure the normal operation of the concrete pump . Before using a concrete pump , it is necessary to see if the controller is outstanding. After the construction stops, pour water and stones into the mixing cylinder for 10-15 minutes for cleaning, then remove the water and stones. If the operator must enter the concrete pump mixing tank for cleaning, in addition to blocking the power supply and removing the fuse, the switch box must be identified.

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