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What happens to the concrete pump pump tube?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-4 11:15:39

Before assessing the possible causes of pipeline incidents, we must first determine the incident model. In short, there is a problem when any part of the pipeline system causes the "useful amount" of the product to leak occasionally. The term "useful amount" is to distinguish between "event" and harmful leakage. Unless the transport medium is highly toxic, Otherwise, minor leaks in the vicinity of the flanges and in the concrete pump pump piping equipment are irrelevant (for what we are talking about here).
Most pipelines are pressurized, which requires the concrete pump tube wall to have a certain strength. If the wall of the tube lacks sufficient strength, an incident will occur. Scratches and gouges due to corrosion or mechanical damage make the wall thin, reducing the strength of the concrete pump pump pipe; if the stress to be exceeded exceeds its design capacity (for example: overpressure, excessive tortuosity, overheating, etc.) , Will inevitably occur.
It is necessary to comprehensively answer the question "what might be the problem?" Any possible event model and its cause need to be identified and determined. Regardless of the probability of incidents at this stage, even the smallest possible types of incidents need to be included. At the same time, there are bound to be complex situations that touch many related events. When identifying dangers, unexpected interactions between other security events are often overlooked.

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