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What should I do if the concrete pump engine does not start?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-8 9:44:19

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties. During construction, due to mechanical problems, it is likely to fail to start. So what should be done when the concrete pump engine is not started during construction? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out: In normal work, many operators may encounter difficulties in starting the engine or may not be able to start. Many people are at a loss what to do at this moment. The editor has collected some knowledge and hopes to help us. Now Let us briefly introduce as follows:

Symptoms: engine start difficult

Cause one: The electromagnetic overflow spool in the hydraulic system may not return.

Solution one: Check whether the solenoid valve is powered off and whether the relief valve works normally. If normal, check the main pump.

Cause two: The main pump may be damaged and stuck.

Solution two: At this moment, it is recommended to repair or replace the main pump.

Cause three: It may be the lack of battery voltage, or the terminals may be loose or oxidized.

Solution three: Check the battery voltage, clean and tighten the terminal, and apply carbon-free grease.

Cause four: Use a viscous motor oil in winter.

Exclusion method four: Use engine oil suitable for the environment.

Problem five: The fuel flow is too small (winter is blocked due to the precipitation of white wax)

Removal method 5: Replace winter fuel oil, pump oil or hot water to soak the lower part of the filter, melt the white wax, remove the air, and clean the filter and oil circuit of the primary filter.

The use of concrete pumps has greatly improved the efficiency of construction. What should I do if the concrete pump engine does not start during construction? After the above introduction, we trust the broad users to understand this issue.

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