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How to prevent contamination of hydraulic oil of concrete pump?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-9 17:22:43

Concrete pump was a kind of conveying pump commonly used by many construction parties at that time, and it could greatly increase the power of construction. Concrete pump hydraulic oil is an essential substance for the operation of concrete pumps , and its quality affects the operation status of concrete pumps . So how to avoid the pollution of the hydraulic oil of the concrete pump in the construction? This is a problem that many constructors are very concerned about.

According to statistics, most of the failures of the hydraulic system of construction machinery are caused by the pollution of hydraulic oil. This situation not only seriously affects the normal operation of the construction machinery, but also brings great economic losses to the construction. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system of concrete pumps , it is advisable to use the characteristics of easy contamination of hydraulic oil of construction machinery, adopt the system engineering method, and carefully grasp the three main links of "purchase, pipe, and use" to effectively avoid the Pollution. So how to avoid contamination of concrete pump hydraulic oil? Specifically, it can be done from the following two aspects:

1. Ensure reasonable purchase

(1) Reasonably purchase hydraulic oil, and try to choose hydraulic oil that is in common with the original factory brand and grade.

(2) Different brands and grades of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed. This is because different brands of hydraulic oil have different physical and chemical targets. If they are used in combination, chemical reactions may occur, corrode hydraulic components, and damage the hydraulic system.

(3) If other hydraulic oils are to be used to replace the original hydraulic oil, the replacement hydraulic oil must pass the testing of the authoritative department, and its main technical goal must be the same as or near the technical target of the original hydraulic oil, and the replacement hydraulic oil must not be the same as the original hydraulic oil Mix oil.

2.Ensure purification

(1) An oil application card shall be set up in the equipment account, clearly indicating the oil trademarks, oil quotas and oil change records of construction machinery.

(2) The hydraulic oil should be sampled and tested before entering the warehouse. Those who pass the test shall be allowed to enter the warehouse. The hydraulic oil in stock shall be sampled at regular intervals. Those who fail the test shall not be used.

The use of concrete pump hydraulic oil is closely related to the operation of the concrete pump . How to avoid contamination of hydraulic oil of concrete pump in construction? Through the above introduction, I trust that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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