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Why can't the concrete pump adjust the pumping displacement?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-10 17:18:06

As a transportation tool for concrete transportation, concrete pumps have been widely used in various construction fields. In order to improve construction efficiency and save construction costs, many construction companies are increasingly favoring the use of concrete pumps to transport concrete. However, with the increase of the service life, the concrete pump may encounter a situation in which the pumping displacement cannot be adjusted. So what is the reason for this phenomenon? Specifically, you can check through the following steps.
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1.Analysis of the hydraulic system diagram

You can analyze the hydraulic system diagram. After this analysis, you can understand the two identical pressure reducing valves built in the displacement control valve block. The pressure output scale of the pressure reducing valve is generally 3.5 ~ 55bar. One of them is used to Regulate the oil pressure of the main oil pump to control the displacement; another pressure reducing valve acts as a buffer. After preliminary judgment, it can be learned that the pressure reducing valve used to adjust the oil pressure of the main oil pump is damaged, which may cause the oil pressure to be unregulated. Furthermore, the displacement of the main oil pump cannot be adjusted.

2. Disassembly and cleaning

After analyzing the hydraulic system diagram, you can disassemble the pressure relief valve for controlling the oil pressure of the main oil pump, and then clean it to observe whether it is abnormal.

3.Interchange device

Disassemble the two pressure reducing valves for cleaning, then exchange their orientations and mount them up. Under normal circumstances, whether it is electronically controlled or manually controlled, its conditioning capacity can recover normally.


Return the two pressure reducing valve devices to their original positions, and use a pressure gauge to test the pressure of the MX1 port on the displacement buffer valve block (control the oil pump displacement oil circuit). Generally, it can be found that the pressure value remains unchanged at 4 bar when the displacement is adjusted The normal value should be changed in the scale of 3.5 ~ 55bar), and it can be further confirmed whether the pressure relief valve of the main oil pump control oil circuit is damaged.

5.Replace pressure reducing valve

After confirming that the pressure reducing valve is damaged and testing the machine, you can find that everything is normal.

Concrete pump is a construction equipment often used by major construction units. It can easily and automatically control the conditioning and transportation of concrete. If the concrete pumping displacement cannot be adjusted once during the construction process, users are advised to follow the above process. Check it out. After the above introduction, I trust the majority of users to understand the reasons why concrete pumping displacement cannot be adjusted.

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