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World development history and domestic application of concrete pump
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Concrete pumps have a history of nearly one hundred years. In 1907, France began to study concrete pumps , and some people obtained patents. Since then, some people have obtained patent rights in the United States in 1913 and manufactured the first concrete pump , but it was put on hold after trial operation and has not been applied. In 1927, Feliz Heier of France designed and manufactured a concrete pump , which was successfully used for the first time. By 1930, Germany had manufactured vertical single-cylinder ball valve piston pumps. This pump is driven by the crankshaft and rocker, and it is a vertical single cylinder, so its performance is poor. Since then, the Dutch Kuiman has made great improvements on the above basis. In 1932, he successfully changed the vertical to the horizontal and designed the Kuiman concrete pump . This pump has a horizontal cylinder and two rotary valves that operate in linkage. It successfully solves the problem of the construction principle of the concrete pump and greatly improves the reliability of the work. So far, many concrete pumps still maintain the basic characteristics of this design, but have made improvements in the power mechanism and valves. Due to the reasonable structure and reliable work of the Kuyman type concrete pumps , Germany's Detocrete, France's Ermak, the US's Chimbert and the British Concrete Pump Company all obtained licenses to manufacture and sell the pump .

In 1932, the Leningrad Polytechnic University of the Soviet Union also manufactured a double-cylinder diaphragm concrete pump , which was used in the Moscow Canal Project. Due to many shortcomings, it could not be further developed. On the basis of Kuyman type concrete pumps , the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, France, the Soviet Union and the United States have successively manufactured various horizontal mechanical piston pumps in the 1930s. They have also begun to be used in concrete engineering construction, but Until the Second World War, concrete pumps were still in the trial stage on a small scale.

After the Second World War, countries began to carry out economic recovery work successively, and the scale of construction projects was increasing. The sales of mechanical concrete pumps were good, and their applications were increasing. In the middle of the 1950s, the Tokerit company of the Federal Republic of Germany first developed concrete pumps using water as the working medium, which made the concrete pumps enter a new stage of development. In 1959, the German company Schwein produced the first fully hydraulic concrete pump , which used oil as the working medium to drive pistons and valves to work. The hydraulic concrete pump has high power, large displacement and long conveying distance, which can achieve stepless adjustment. The piston of the concrete pump can also move in the reverse direction, reducing the possibility of clogging. Therefore, in the design and manufacturing and pumping technology of the concrete pump More and more perfect. Since then, in order to improve the mobility of concrete pumps , a concrete pump truck was developed in the mid-1960s to make the concrete pump develop from a fixed type to a vehicle-mounted type. At the same time, in order to make concrete pouring more convenient, a rotatable telescopic expansion was added to the concrete pump truck . The stepping rod greatly increases the mobility of the concrete pump .

In China, concrete pumps were introduced from abroad in the 1950s. For example, the Soviet Type 252 concrete pump was used in the construction of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. Due to inadequate conditions at that time, continuous failures did not attract the attention of the construction unit. In the early 1960s, Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant had imitated the Su C-284 type fixed pump with a displacement of 40 cubic meters per hour, but failed to promote its application. In 1972, the Construction Machinery Research Institute and Shenyang Vibrator Factory cooperated in the development of concrete pumps . In 1973, the HB-8 type fixed piston concrete pump with a displacement of 8 cubic meters per hour was successfully trial-produced. Later, HB-15 was developed. Type double-cylinder hydraulic piston concrete pump , failed to put into production, etc. As mentioned above, in the 1960s and early 1980s, many manufacturers manufactured concrete pumps with various displacements and working methods through imitation, independent development, and combination of foreign technologies. Some also passed national appraisals. Failed to be widely used.

Until 1982, the Hubei Construction Machinery Factory cooperated with the Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the IPF-85B concrete pump truck , and independently developed the HBT-60 towed concrete pump . After passing the national technical appraisal, it was mass-produced and put in large quantities. Only after the market ended a blank page for my concrete pump industry .

The large-scale application of concrete pumps in construction projects in China began in 1979 at the Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel General Plant. Baosteel Engineering imported a DC-S115B concrete pump truck from Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and was equipped with a 6 cubic meter concrete transport mixer truck. This kind of large-scale reinforced concrete foundation and other projects are widely used, and have achieved good results, and have accumulated rich experience. Since then, Nanjing Jinling Hotel used German Schweinde PB550-HDD15 concrete pump truck for concrete construction of high-rise buildings up to 108 meters in height, with good results. Then the Shanghai Hotel, Lianyi Building, Beijing Metro and other major projects have successfully applied concrete pumps , greatly promoting the use of concrete pumps in the construction industry's advanced concrete construction methods.

Nowadays, it has entered the 21st century, and the development of concrete pumps (vehicles) has also made rapid progress. The number of such products and manufacturers in China has continued to increase, and product performance and quality have been rapidly improved. The concrete pump (car) has more complete specifications and higher gears. The distribution arm of the pump truck is moving towards a longer direction. From 37m in the past to the mainstream, it gradually transitioned to 42-45m. 47-56m is also favored by the market. With the acceleration of the project progress, there is also a demand for increased pumping displacement. In the past, about 60% of the displacement was 60 to 80m3 / h, and now there are more and more projects requiring displacement of 80 to 120m3 / h. The hydraulic system is developing towards integration. Open systems and constant power control are generally used, especially for large-flow pumps. Open systems have many advantages such as low oil temperature, high reliability, and easy maintenance. At the same time, all-hydraulic control technology and computer control technology have made breakthrough progress. In the future, concrete pumps need to be developed from more aspects, such as improving equipment energy saving, environmental protection performance, further research on the reliability of concrete pumps , and so on.

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