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How to save when pumping concrete pumps at close range?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-11-8 9:16:04

The concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete pump commonly used at present. When the pumping operation is performed, the concrete pump truck usually needs to expand all the booms, and through the high-pressure action of the pumping system, the concrete is pumped to the use site by the boom pipes. If the concrete pump truck needs to be pumped at close range, how can it be more economical? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts.

Experts point out that when a concrete pump truck pumps concrete on high floors or large spans, it is usually necessary to expand the boom of tens of meters for pumping. If the pumping distance is short, expand the boom of tens of meters, not only High head and long pipelines will cause a series of problems accordingly: such as heavy engine load, high fuel consumption, and high emissions; high hydraulic system pressure and high oil temperature; high pumping system pressure and high wear, and short-distance pumping The waste is considerable. So how do you save when pumping concrete pumps up close? You can take the following options.

Solution: Adjust the boom arch

Scheme introduction: Compared with the telescopic structure of the crane boom, because of the special folding structure of the boom of the pump truck, the boom can only be unfolded during the pumping construction, and the method of adjusting the arch of the boom is used to achieve pumping. According to the structural characteristics of the pump truck boom, the method of “abandoning some booms” is adopted, that is, some booms can be selected for short-distance pumping.

Advantages: choose to use all booms for long-distance pumping, and select some booms for short-distance pumping. This method of selecting the boom according to the pumping distance can not only make use of the existing pumping capacity of the pump truck, but also be able to select the boom in accordance with the local conditions according to the characteristics of short and close distance pumping construction, which effectively reduces the arm span. The height reduces the length of the pipe.

Specific operation: During the short-distance pumping construction where the head is not high and the distance is not long, the head boom which is hinged to the boom turret is erected, and then the fourth and fifth boom sections at the end are deployed. The short-distance pumping boom combination is composed of the first, fourth, fifth and third sections of booms to meet the needs of short-distance pumping construction. At this time, the second, three, and two sections of the boom stand against the head end boom. The pipeline switching mechanism disconnects the piping pipes of the first, second and second sections of the boom, and connects the bent pipe of the boom turret with the pipes of the boom of the third section. The concrete will eventually pass through the third, fourth, and fifth sections of the boom. The arm tube of the rack is leaking from the end hose.

Concrete pump trucks have been widely used in major construction units. So how do you save when pumping concrete pumps up close? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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