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Small concrete pump takes you to understand energy saving and emission reduction
Source: http://braprogram.com 2017-5-17 5:46:07

In today's economic development, the deteriorating environment has sounded the alarm of "protecting the environment". The masses understand the importance of environmental protection issues, and national policies have begun to increase environmental protection. In the field of construction machinery, almost all production and sales manufacturers are also thinking about how to play the card of energy conservation and environmental protection. How can small concrete pumps achieve energy conservation and emission reduction? Pengda Machinery has been moving closer to energy saving and emission reduction in the research and development and innovation of small concrete pump products, and fully responded to the country's current energy conservation and environmental protection policies on three components.

Small concrete pump takes you to understand energy saving and emission reduction

1. Engine parameter matching

The loading conditions are very different from the driving conditions. Although the driving conditions are diverse, the engine will always last for a certain period of time without large fluctuations; the pumping conditions do not have any continuity, and the load rises sharply when the piston pushes the concrete During the commutation, the load will drop rapidly, and the engine needs to respond quickly to avoid the sharp fluctuations in the speed. Therefore, the engines matched with special parameters are undoubtedly more energy-efficient than those chassis without any treatment.

2.Intelligent speed control technology

Intelligent driving refers to the intelligent programming setting to ensure that the vehicle can intelligently control the engine speed according to the operating environment. It can provide excellent fuel consumption performance regardless of gentle driving, downhill or climbing or pumping conditions. It's like setting up a virtual trainer on each car to coach the driver on how to save fuel.

3. Cooling fan

The multi-stage control of cooling fans is accompanied by the technological development of truck engines. In the engine thermal management system, the design of the cooling system fans has undergone no small changes. In summary, it has gone through three stages: early rigid fans, silicone oil clutch fans, There are currently advanced electromagnetic clutch fans and electromagnetic silicone oil clutch fans.

Don't underestimate this small fan, the researchers found that the power required by the rigidly connected cooling fan accounts for 3-5% of the engine's power, and the low-power engine even exceeds 10%, which results in a very surprising fuel consumption. China's regional climate is complex. In many areas in the north, the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius for more than 100 days. The actual engine cooling fan does nothing, and the fuel consumed will be a very serious waste.

The energy saving and emission reduction of the small concrete pump can only be achieved if the above three points are achieved. In order to make our mother earth more beautiful, let me choose to buy products that can save energy and reduce emissions, and let us do our best for our planet.

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