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Small concrete pumps make township construction easier
Source: http://braprogram.com 2017-5-17 5:49:21

During the construction of concrete houses in rural areas, concrete was poured using creeper-type mixers. During use, we can be aware of the defects of the products. Although the creeper-type mixers are cheap and move faster and more conveniently than purely manual, However, in terms of safety factor and work efficiency, there is still a certain gap with the rural building equipment developed by Pengda Machinery.

As the pace of the new rural construction process accelerates, construction projects are gradually increasing, and the construction area is also gradually increasing. The new concrete engineering machinery and equipment developed by Pengda Machinery has developed rapidly --- small concrete pumps have gradually entered people's field of vision, Quickly spread widely.

Small concrete pumps make township construction easier

As a well-known manufacturer of domestic concrete engineering equipment, Pengda Machinery's small concrete pumps are superior in performance to other similar products. Compared with creepers, small concrete pumps have huge advantages, which are manifested in the following aspects:

1. In terms of convenient construction, the small concrete pump integrates feeding, mixing and conveying, and its operation is extremely simple and efficient.

2. In terms of construction safety, the small concrete pump is transported through the pipeline, and the safety is extremely high.

3. In terms of construction efficiency, the small concrete pump can perform full mechanized operation, which is about 4 times that of the creeper type mixer.

4. In terms of performance, Pengda Machinery's small concrete pump integrates the mixing and conveying pump into one. The main oil pump, hydraulic valve, hose and AC contactor used are all world famous brands. These high-performance configurations are sure to ensure that the small concrete mixer pump can be used safely in harsh conditions.

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