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Introduction of construction concrete pump technology
Source: http://braprogram.com 2017-5-17 5:50:44

Digitization is based on computer technology and intelligent control technology. It combines network technology and modern management technology to improve machinery manufacturing and increase automation of machinery manufacturing. At the same time, the construction of an environment-friendly and resource-saving society requires energy conservation and emission reduction as an important task for technological upgrades. The combination of environmental benefits and economic benefits can reduce energy consumption to a limited extent and reduce damage to the natural environment. Especially in the current severely damaged environment, the machinery manufacturing industry needs to explore an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and green processing method, change the extensive processing production method, and carry out technical reforms and upgrades in order to improve production efficiency. I believe that machinery manufacturing automation technology will become an important milestone in the progress of human society.

In recent years, China's construction industry has maintained a high-speed development trend, showing a strong development momentum and broad development prospects. The industry scale and business area of construction column pumps are constantly expanding. It has become one of the industries with high growth rate and rapid development in China's domestic consumer market. Secondary structural column grouting, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports and wharfs, foundation treatment, weak foundations, reinforced grouting, backfill grouting and anchor support in tunnel, subway, and mine construction. Other explanations: This product adopts hydraulic slurry feeding, vibrating mesh filtering and double-cylinder reciprocating operation. It can fully transport various mortars, fine stone concrete, etc. in construction applications. Features are an ideal mortar conveying equipment. This pump is widely used in indoor secondary pouring construction of urban construction projects (such as the infusion of tectonic columns and invisible columns), anchor grouting, underground grouting for road and railway tunnels, and underground grouting of urban subway hydropower stations. It can also be used for grouting of anchor piles during slope and soft rock reinforcement.

At the same time, in the fiercely competitive concrete pump market, the cost of survival of manufacturers has been rising. In this complex and changing era, the development strategy of eyebrows and beards has become a drag. Concrete pump enterprises need to go out of the extensive business model and subdivide the entire market on the premise of grasping the direction of market consumer demand, so as to win business opportunities in the fiercely competitive market. Market segmentation is more flexible. Segmented markets are more specific, making it easier for companies to formulate effective marketing strategies. At the same time, in the segmented market, the information is easy to understand and feedback. Once the needs of consumers change, companies can quickly change marketing strategies and formulate corresponding countermeasures to adapt to changes in market demand and improve the adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises. Because the user has certain requirements for the height of the concrete pump . In this way, the secondary structure casting machine enterprise can obtain the development opportunity first.

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