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Villa construction concrete pump which is better
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Performance characteristics of concrete pump for villa construction
1. Adopt advanced and smooth s-pipe valve reversing: it can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete or commercial fine stone concrete, and it is not suitable to block the pipe;
2. Spectacle plate and cutting ring: using high-hard wear-resistant alloy material for longer life;
3. High exit pressure: can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;
4.Hydraulic oil cooling adopts air cooling system: good cooling effect, easy to use and not easy to pollute the oil;
5.Adopt stepless manual variable displacement: can meet the different requirements of many users on the discharge speed;
6. Advanced wireless remote control function: increase remote control distance, facilitate remote control operation, and make the product more humane;
7. High-wear-resistant concrete cylinder: guarantee and increase the service life of the concrete pump and reduce the maintenance cost of the user;
8. The main cylinder with chrome-plated inner hole in the new process: to avoid the problem of damage to the main cylinder due to dirty oil;
9. High-wear-resistant glasses plate and cutting ring: the use of large-area hard alloy inlay is the latest technology to improve the use of glasses;

Hydraulic system The double pump unit hydraulic system provides separate oil supply for the dual circuits. The main oil pump uses variable piston pumps to ensure the system runs smoothly and reliably. The displacement can be adjusted automatically and manually. The main pump and prime mover are effectively protected,
Suction (return) oil filtration adopts suction (return) filtration, which enables the hydraulic oil to be reliably filtered and kept clean to ensure the normal operation of the system and extend the service life of the hydraulic system components. Forced air cooling and cooling system. The forced oil cooling system uses forced air cooling. The radiator device can better adapt to the site environment and ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is in the normal working range, thereby ensuring that the hydraulic system of the host computer is in a normal working state.

It is widely used in rural construction, concrete construction, rural houses construction, water conservancy and electricity, highways, railways, bridges and tunnels and other infrastructure. The remote control operation is simple and fast. Only one small forklift is needed to load the material. One person can control the entire equipment, stir the concrete, and send the concrete to the pouring place through the pipeline. At the same time, the stirring pump will be placed on the chassis of the car, which can take into account many For construction projects, the on-vehicle drum type mixing pump uses a drum mixing system, and the speed can generally reach 5-15 cubic meters. Depending on the model, the mixed concrete is powered by the hydraulic system and pumped to the construction through the installed pipeline. Construction site. Efficient construction, cost saving, concrete construction artifacts for rural houses. The development strategy of concrete pump conveying pumps dare to try and innovate continuously. The technical department continues to accelerate the research and development of core technologies, achieving rapid breakthroughs in "fast transportation, construction efficiency, convenient and practical, simple and easy to learn", and promote the concrete pump conveying pump. Rapidly operating in the concrete market, changing the traditional pouring mode, has been recognized by the concrete market.

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