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How to adjust the spectacle plate and cutting ring of the concrete pump
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-2-17 22:06:47

After pumping about 300 cubic meters of concrete, the concrete pump should pay attention to check the gap between the spectacle plate and the cutting ring. If it exceeds 2mm and the wear is uniform, you should consider adjusting the gap. You also need to check whether the spectacle plate and cutting ring need to be replaced . The adjustment method is as follows:

1. Clean the material S pipe valve. 2. Remove the anti-rotation screw. 3. Tighten the special-shaped bolts. 4. Pull the S tube towards the wall panel of the hopper to reduce the gap between the cutting ring and the glasses plate. 5. Screw on the anti-rotation screw.

Replacement of cutting ring and spectacle plate. 1. Replace the cutting ring. Turn off the motor and remove the hopper screen. Loosen the special-shaped bolt by 20mm, please do not loosen it too much, otherwise the bearing fitting position will withdraw from the bearing sleeve when the S-tube moves backwards, damaging the seals and sealing the mortar, which will affect the service life of the S-tube.

Remove the outlet, and pry the S tube toward the outlet so that the gap between the cutting ring and the spectacle plate is about 20mm, and remove the cutting ring. Check whether the installed rubber spring is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it at the same time. Otherwise, install a new cutting ring.

2. Replacement of spectacle plate. Repeat the process of replacing the cutting ring, unscrew all the mounting bolts of the spectacle plate, and take out the spectacle plate after a little vibration. Otherwise, install new glasses.

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