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Basic knowledge of concrete pump must know
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Concrete pump is a kind of concrete transportation equipment. It is very common in the construction unit. Although it is welcomed by the construction party, few people know the basic common sense of concrete pump . Now we will introduce some common knowledge that concrete pump should know. as follows.


Displacement mainly refers to the volume of liquid discharged from the working volume change after each revolution of the pump shaft. Generally, the displacement V is a volume concept. The standard unit is cubic meters m3, and the commonly used units are liters L and milliliters ML (cubic centimeters).


Flow refers to the volume flow (q) of liquid flowing through a section in a unit time. The calculation formula is q = A · V, where A is the cross-sectional area of the flow (m2); the unit of the V velocity is (m / s), so the unit of the flow is: m3 / s

3.Pascal's Law

Pascal's law mainly means that in a sealed container, when the pressure at any point in a stationary liquid changes, the pressure change will be transmitted to any point in the liquid. It is the basic theoretical basis of hydraulic transmission. The formula for Pascal's law is P = F / A, where F is the acting force and A is the acting area. The unit of pressure is called "Pascal" (Pa), where 1Pa = 1N / m2 This formula is the definition of the concept of pressure, also known as hydrostatic pressure. In practice, it is generally called "pressure". MPa, bar. 1MPa = 1 × 106Pa = 10bar.

Concrete pumps are currently very common in major construction fields. What are the basic common sense of concrete pumps ? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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