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What regulations should be placed for the pouring sequence of the concrete pump truck?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-7-20 10:36:39

At present, concrete pump trucks have been widely used by major construction units, which has greatly improved the efficiency of concrete transportation. However, in the process of conveying concrete, concrete pump trucks should follow certain rules to pour concrete, so what exactly is this pouring sequence? What specific requirements should be met? In response to this problem, we interviewed relevant experts.

Experts point out that during the construction process of concrete pump trucks , according to a certain pouring sequence, not only can the construction process of concrete pump trucks be more effective, but also ensure the construction quality of the project and reduce accidents during construction. So what regulations should be adopted for the pouring sequence of concrete pump trucks ? Now we will introduce them as follows.

1. During the conveying of the conveying pipe, the pouring order of the concrete pump truck should be kept in the order from far to near;

2. The concrete located in the same area should be layered and continuously poured in the order of vertical structure first and then horizontal structure;

3. When it is not allowed to leave construction joints, the concrete pouring interval time between the areas and between the upper and lower floors shall not exceed the initial concrete setting time;

4. When the lower layer of concrete is to be set after initial setting, the upper layer of concrete should be treated in accordance with the regulations for leaving construction joints.

5. During the pouring process, the concrete pouring area should be pre-divided according to the structural characteristics, plane shape and geometric dimensions of the project, the ability of concrete supply and pumping equipment, labor and management capabilities, and the size of the surrounding site. Specifically, the placement of concrete should comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standard "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Concrete Structures."

The use of concrete pump trucks has greatly shortened the construction period while improving the progress of the project. During the construction process, what are the requirements for the pouring sequence of the concrete pump truck ? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users have already understood this problem.

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