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What are the characteristics of concrete pumps produced by our company?
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As a concrete pump for small civil buildings, Pengda Concrete Pump has a very high degree of automation. It integrates feeding, mixing, and high-pressure pumping, which can save a lot of labor costs; simple operation and stable performance; the equipment uses hydraulic pressure Pumping, high safety during equipment construction, extremely low failure rate, and overall reliability of the equipment is higher than the old equipment, so it is welcomed by the majority of construction parties. So what are the characteristics of Pengda concrete pumps ? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts.

Experts point out: Pengda concrete pumps have a wide range of applications. Concrete pumps can be used for concrete transportation, grouting of foundation piles, and sludge transportation. At the time of design, Pengda concrete pump adopts advanced S valve reversing, which can meet the transportation of concrete. Spectacle plate and cutting ring are made of hard alloy material, with longer life; high outlet pressure, which can meet high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation; hydraulic cooling adopts water-cooling effect, easy to use; with anti-pump function to minimize pipeline blocking There is a manual lubrication system to ensure the service life of the drive, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with remote control by wire.

As we all know, the concrete pouring construction has an interval period. The construction interval between the two floors is 7-10 days. After the pouring concrete solidifies and is qualified for maintenance, the strength can be achieved before the next step of reinforcing steel bars and supporting formwork. For traditional stationary mixers and concrete pumps , during this period, they can only stop and wait. Operators must rest or do other work. This is because the traditional stationary mixers and concrete pumps have higher displacement costs and longer time. Longer.

The Pengda concrete pump is a combination of a traditional mixer and a concrete pump , and is welded to a frame with wheel axles. A small truck or a small loader quickly moves between several construction sites or on the same construction site. Quickly move between the construction sites to minimize the interval time; take a short distance to the nearest to minimize the pipe laying time. One operation of the concrete pump saves labor costs and minimizes the operator to achieve the purpose of daily use. Professional operation Personnel are also conducive to equipment maintenance and correct use.

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used very much in construction. What are the characteristics of Pengda concrete pump ? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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