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What should I do with the vibration and noise of the overflow valve of the concrete pump?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-7-26 10:26:22

The relief valve is an important component of the concrete pump . It is mainly used to regulate the pressure to adjust the system pressure and play a safety role. What if there is vibration and noise in the relief valve during construction? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out: the relief valve is a hydraulic pressure control valve, which mainly plays a constant pressure relief role in hydraulic equipment, voltage stabilization, system unloading and safety protection. During the assembly or use of the relief valve, due to the damage of the O-ring, the combined seal, or the loosening of the mounting screws and pipe joints, unintended external leakage may occur. If the poppet valve or main valve core is too worn, or the sealing surface is not in good contact, it will cause excessive internal leakage and even affect normal operation. What should I do if the vibration and noise of the overflow valve occur during construction? Now let's introduce the inspection and processing methods of fluid noise:

1. Use a suitable soft main valve spring.

2. Exclude air from the oil return port and oil return pipe, and prevent air intake strictly.

3. Increase the unloading time and slowly open or close the unloading reversing valve.

4. Repair the pilot valve and the main valve to improve its geometric accuracy, increase the diameter of the return pipe, and choose a suitable soft main valve spring and a suitable viscosity oil.

5. Seal and vent.

6. Increase the diameter of the return pipe and set the return pipe separately.

7. Seal and vent.

8. Use a relief valve that matches the flow.

The effect of the relief valve on the concrete pump cannot be underestimated. What should happen if the relief valve generates vibration and fluid noise during construction? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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