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What are the advantages of using a concrete pump for construction?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-7-27 18:54:01

The concrete pump has greatly improved the power of construction, it has effectively reduced the construction period of the project, and it is welcomed by a wide range of construction parties. So what are the advantages of using concrete pump construction? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts.

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Experts point out that the appearance of concrete pumps has replaced the shortcomings of low manual power. Compared with the dirty, messy and tiring work experience on the construction site, concrete pumps have indeed freed many construction workers. In some cases, workers can easily improve the construction power by simply laying pipes. What are the advantages of using concrete pumps for construction? Now let's take a closer look.

1. Construction labor intensity

Because the use of concrete pumps is a mechanical construction method, and the degree of mechanization is appropriate, the labor required is very small, which greatly reduces the construction intensity. The construction organization is simple and simple to operate, and it can also greatly control the safety.

2.High construction power

During the construction process, the concrete transportation and pouring operations are successive, so the construction power is very high and the project progress is reasonably fast. In addition, the mutual interference between the concrete pump and other construction machinery is small. With the pumping, other construction operations can be performed near the delivery pipe, which greatly improves the construction progress.

3.High output ratio

During the construction process, the pumping process has very strict requirements on the quality of concrete. It is a large check on the quality of concrete. Therefore, the use of concrete pumps for construction has no doubt about the engineering quality. Medium concrete is not easy to segregate, and the slump loss of the concrete is not large, so it is very simple to ensure the quality of the project. At the same time, under the condition of proper construction and placement, the concrete pump can reduce the project cost, so the input-output ratio is appropriately high.

4.Strong flexibility

During the construction process, the concrete pump is very adaptable to the construction industry, and the operation scale is appropriate. The concrete transportation pipeline can also be laid to other hard-to-reach places, so that the concrete can be filled and poured under a certain pressure. It is used in series to increase the conveying distance and height and to meet the requirements of various constructions, so the construction flexibility is very strong.

5.Environmental protection

Under normal pumping conditions, the transportation of concrete in the pipeline will not pollute the environment, and the construction unit can complete civilized construction. This is welcome to the surrounding residents and construction workers.

The aggravation of the modern social process has led to more and more attention to the improvement of working power, and the presentation of concrete pumps has undoubtedly met the requirements of this era. What are the advantages of using concrete pump construction? After the above introduction, we trust the broad users to understand this issue.

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