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Method for carrying out alternative modification of concrete pump truck
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-7-28 19:26:13

Concrete pump trucks are used very much in the current construction units, because of their low cost, they are welcomed by a wide range of construction companies. If you want to convert a low-cost small concrete pump truck into a high-cost fire-fighting spray truck, how can you modify it? Now we briefly introduce as follows.
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Experts point out that small concrete pump trucks can not reach the limit of ladders because of the limited "arm" length, but if it is used as a bracket for fire trucks, it is more than enough. Following the increasing construction of high-rise floors in modern construction, buying a fire sprayer alone The car needs nearly one million yuan, and the cost is really high. Due to limited funds, more and more local attempts have been made to convert concrete pump trucks into fire spray trucks. So how does the modification work?

It is understood that the principle of changing the concrete pump truck to a fire sprinkler is as follows: First, remove the original concrete transport pipe of the concrete pump truck , install the collecting pipe, and then remove the concrete outlet at the top of the pump truck. The self-denial conversion interface also has a water gun. In operation, the fire sprinkler only needs uninterrupted water supply to complete the sprinkler operation. It can be seen that the process of converting a concrete pump truck into a fire sprinkler is not complicated.

It needs to be pointed out that during the conversion process, the investment in making the conversion interface and the water collector is not large, the operation is simple, and the height of the concrete pump truck arm and the sensitivity of control are fully used. And the principle of the foam water gun is the same. In addition, the biggest advantage of this transformation method is reversibility. In addition to being disassembled back and forth, one can be used for two, which maximizes the use of funds.

Concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete conveying equipment that is used very much at present, so how to convert the concrete pump truck into an expensive fire sprinkler? After the above introduction, I believe that the broad users have already understood this problem.

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