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What should I pay attention to when renting a concrete pump?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-6 15:33:09

With the development of the construction industry, so now when we carry out concrete pump rental and pouring operations, if some accidents occur in some large construction sites, it will affect the construction progress. If the concrete entering the hopper, conveying pipeline and conveying cylinder is not processed in time, serious consequences will occur. Therefore, routine protection and maintenance work is very important. After-sales staff of rental concrete pumps introduced the main points of concrete pump truck maintenance, overhaul and protection operations.

1. If there is a problem when checking the hydraulic components, check the cause and repair the entire circuit before operation. If oil is found to leak out, check the cause of the leak in time. It is strictly forbidden to change the original settings without permission: all adjustments and calibrations must be done by professionals.

2. The grease in the smooth pump must be sufficient and clean at all times, and there must be no leakage in the joints of the smooth pipeline. Check the smooth condition of each running part at any time. If you find that there is a lack of oil, stop it immediately to prevent accidents. After the grease pump is empty, the newly participated grease is not easy to be pumped out due to air bubbles. In this case, it is necessary to open the pump outlet, run the grease pump until the grease flows out and then connect the pipeline. Check the level of oil and smooth oil. Mechanical structural parts should be greased to prevent surface exposure. Leave unused equipment for a long time to fully smooth all parts.

3. Inspection of common leaks. The main leak detection areas are: liquid level gauge, oil drain plug, oil cylinder piston rod extension, hydraulic valve joint surface, oil pump, cylinder head joint surface, oil pipe joint, and oil cylinder.

4. Repair and maintenance of air filter. The quality of the air intake has a great relationship with the operating environment and the size of the air filter. If there is too much dust, a coarse filter should be added. So the cleaning cycle can't be confused. If it is a dry air filter, it is necessary to clean only when the dust collection indicator or indicator light is on in the future.

5. Protective adjustment. After the concrete pump is operated for a period of time, the eye plate and wear ring will produce a certain degree of gap due to wear. If the gap is too large, it will affect normal pumping. It should be adjusted and replaced in time, and the wear gap can be measured from the cleaned hopper. After multiple gap adjustments, if the gap cannot be adjusted and the gap exceeds 0.7mm (or any groove exceeds 1.5mm), consideration should be given to replacing or repairing the eye plate and wear ring.

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