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How does a concrete pump solve the problem of short-distance pumping?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-8 9:49:46

At the construction site, the phenomenon we often see is that the pump truck arches the tens of meters of boom high and then curls back. This pumping state with high head and long pipeline. This situation caused great damage to the construction, so how to deal with the short interval pumping problem of concrete pumps ? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out that when large pump trucks perform short-interval pumping problems, they will relatively produce a series of problems: such as high engine load, high fuel consumption, and high emissions; high pressure in the hydraulic system and high oil temperature; high pressure and wear in the pumping system Big. In order to prevent excessive damage, the method of short interval pumping of concrete pumps can be improved. The improvement process is now briefly described as follows:

Treatment plan

According to the structural characteristics of the boom of the pump truck, the method of shortening the unfolding length of the boom should adopt the method of "abandoning some booms". That is: select some booms for short interval pumping.

Begin processing scenario:

Buckle part of the tail boom, and at the end of the unfolded boom, use the pipe switching equipment to pump the concrete out of the additional discharge hose. This treatment scheme can be used to lower the height and length of the boom when pumping to achieve the purpose of saving. However, the additional pipe switching equipment and unloading hoses at the end of the curling arm have a great impact on the force of the boom. And it is difficult to operate, the structure is complicated, and the practicability is poor.

New pumping method:

Long-term interval pumping selects and uses all booms, short-term interval pumping selects and uses some booms. This method of selecting the boom based on the pumping interval can not only make use of the existing pumping capacity of the pump truck, but also be able to tailor the characteristics of the short and close interval pumping construction. According to the needs, select some booms to reduce the wingspan height Cut the length of the pipe.


The short-distance pumping waste is considerable. If the problems of pump trucks in short interval pumping can be well dealt with, it can effectively save fuel, reduce emissions, reduce costs, and significantly increase the construction power of concrete pumps .

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment that is used a lot in current construction. How to improve the short interval pumping of concrete pump ? After the above introduction, we trust the broad users to understand this issue.

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