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Why does the concrete pump S pipe not move?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-9 17:25:04

The concrete pump was a kind of concrete pump commonly used by many construction parties at that time, but with the increase of the service life, the concrete pump may show this or that. If the concrete pump S cannot move during construction, then the reason What are they? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out that the concrete pump S pipe swing is a common situation in construction. Once this happens, it is necessary to deal with it in a timely manner. So how to deal with it after all? In general, different treatment plans should be given based on different reasons for their occurrence. Specifically, there are four solutions:

Problem one: The shortcomings of the pilot relief valve make the reversing pressure zero.

Cleaning method: Adjust the pressure of the relief valve from the beginning or replace the relief valve, and set the pressure of the relief valve to 19 MPa.

Problem two: The product has poor concrete materials, long downtime, large reversing resistance, and the distribution valve is stuck by foreign objects and cannot swing.

Cleaning method; remove the original commercial concrete in the hopper.

Problem three: The shortcomings of the electro-hydraulic reversing valve that controls the S pipe reversal of the distribution valve of the concrete delivery pump of the product are controlled. The common situation is that the main spool is stuck, perhaps the pilot spool is stuck, and the solenoid is damaged.

Cleaning method: Remove and wash the spool of the hydraulic reversing valve, usually the main spool is disassembled and washed. If the pilot spool cannot be disassembled, then the pilot spool is disassembled and washed. If neither of them is stuck, then the solenoid should be checked for burnout. If you burn out, you can only replace the electromagnet.

Question 4. When the high-level pumping is performed, if the horizontal pipeline is too short, it is also possible to stop the pump S pipe from swinging when the pump is started again after stopping the pump. This situation is a very common problem.

Cleaning method: Properly increase the length of the horizontal pipe, add an elbow at the outlet of the hopper, and add an S bend in the horizontal pipe.

The use of concrete pumps has significantly improved the transmission power of concrete. What are the reasons for the concrete pump S pipe not moving during construction? After the above introduction, I believe that a wide range of users have now understood this issue.

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