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The step of cleaning the concrete pump plus the piston method.
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With the increase of the service life, many concrete and other impurities are usually attached to the concrete pump pump tube. Cleaning the concrete pump in time can effectively improve the work efficiency and extend the service life. So how to effectively clean the concrete pump ? Now we briefly introduce the steps of cleaning the concrete pump by adding the piston method.

Cleaning method: add piston method

Advantages: This method is very simple to operate. The cleaning pipeline is relatively clean. The flow rate of the water source can be low or suspended. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the trouble of removing the material outlet and elbows.

Disadvantages: The operation requirements are relatively high, and the distribution valve is easy to cut off the column.


1. This cleaning method is to use 10-20 cement bags to roll into a columnar body with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the conveying cylinder, a slightly pointed head, and a length of about 400 mm. After being bundled with thin iron wire, the cleaning ball is used with iron wire. Gently tap the tail of the column and soak it with water.

2. After pumping the pump, perform a 1-2 cycle reverse pump to eliminate the pressure in the conveying pipe, and click the push button to make the pump cylinder back to the final point. During the cleaning process, it can be pumped upwards. If there is a shut-off valve, it must be closed first, and at the same time to prevent backflow of radon.

3. When the operation is stopped, the discharge pipe can be removed, and the hopper discharge door is opened at the same time. The reverse pump flushes the purge in the distribution valve, the urn and the hopper.

4. Close the hopper discharge door during use, and add water to the hopper at the same time. When the water is added to the height of the 砼 cylinder diameter 2/3, the head of the columnar body can be installed in the 砼 cylinder toward the distribution valve. A wooden skid stick of 2 meters and a diameter of about 30 millimeters abuts the columnar body, and continues to add water to the height of the centerline of the stirring shaft.

5. Withdraw the crowbar at the end of cleaning, and quickly start pumping at the same time, continue to add water until the cylinder is pumped from the output end of the conveying pipe.

There are many cleaning methods for concrete pumps , and the specific method depends on the actual situation of the construction, so that it can be both effective and economical. Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users have already understood the steps of cleaning concrete pumps with the piston method.

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