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What are the requirements for pipe laying of high-grade concrete pumping?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-9-26 21:35:45

High-grade concrete is a kind of concrete commonly used in construction. During construction, high-grade concrete often encounters the lack of pumping interval. In order to solve this problem, high-grade concrete pumping will have some requirements for pipe laying. What are the requirements for high-grade concrete pumping for pipe laying in daily life? This is an issue that the construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out that pipe laying plays a very important role in pumping concrete during construction. If it meets the pipe laying standard, it can do more with less when pumping. If the pipes are not routed in accordance with the requirements, it is very likely that they will not be able to pump. So what are the requirements for pipe laying for high-grade concrete pumping ? Now we briefly introduce as follows:

1.Reduction of elbows

The resistance of long-distance pumping is usually large. Therefore, the pipe bend should be reduced as much as possible when the pipe is routed, and large bends should be used instead of small bends. Practice has proved that each additional 90º × R1000 elbow is equivalent to adding a horizontal pipe of 5 meters. Therefore, only four φ125A 90º × R1000 elbow pipes were used for pipe laying, and the rest were φ125A × 3m straight pipes and φ125A × 2 meters straight pipes with a total length of 310 meters.

2.Reinforce the pipe

Pay attention to the reinforcement of the pipe and the fastening of the pipe card during the construction. This kind of long-distance pumping will encounter the phenomenon of intensified pipe beating, pipe bursting, and pipe jamming. Therefore, it must be at the corners and some straight pipes to fully reinforce and reduce its impact force.

The pumping requirements for high-grade concrete pumping are very strict. What are the requirements for pumping high-grade concrete pumping during construction? Through the above introduction, trusting the broad users has already understood this issue.

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