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Relevant countries call for concrete pumps to save energy and reduce emissions!
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-10-13 11:43:00

Concrete pump was a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties at that time, and it could greatly improve the efficiency of construction. But now the environment emphasizes environmental protection. So how to save energy and reduce emissions when using concrete pumps ? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts pointed out: At that time, national policies responded to energy conservation and emission reduction, and the world ’s environment even more demanded energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, almost all production and sales manufacturers in the construction machinery field were playing the energy conservation and environmental protection brand. So how can energy conservation and emission reduction be achieved after all? This article briefly introduces the use of energy-saving skills on concrete pumps for concrete pump engines.

The center of energy saving and emission reduction of concrete pump ——engine

Energy saving action: cooling fans

The multi-level control of the cooling electric fan is accompanied by the development of the skills of the truck engine. In the engine thermal management system, the design of the cooling system electric fan has also experienced many innovations. In summary, it has gone through three stages: the early rigid electric fan, the silicone oil clutch electric fan, There are also advanced electromagnetic clutch fans and electromagnetic silicone oil clutch fans.

Researchers have found that rigidly connected cooling fans require 3-5% of the engine's power, and low-power engines even exceed 10%, resulting in surprising fuel consumption. China's regional climate is chaotic. In many areas in the north, the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius for more than 100 days. The actual engine cooling fan does useless work, and the fuel consumed will be a very serious waste.

Domestic engine manufacturers choose electromagnetic clutch electric fans and electronically controlled silicon oil electric fans, high-altitude areas and plain high-speed vehicles, which can save fuel significantly.

Energy-saving action two: intelligent speed control skills

Intelligent driving refers to the intelligent programming setting to ensure that the vehicle can intelligently control the engine speed according to the operating environment. It can provide excellent fuel consumption performance regardless of steep travel, downhill or climbing or pumping conditions. It's like setting up a virtual trainer on each car to coach the driver on how to achieve fuel savings.

Energy saving action 3: engine parameter matching

The loading conditions are completely different from the traveling conditions. Although the traveling conditions are diverse, the engine will always continue under a certain load for a period of time without major ups and downs; the pumping conditions do not have any continuity, and the load rises sharply when the piston pushes the concrete During the commutation, the load will drop rapidly, and the engine needs to respond quickly to avoid the violent shake of the speed. Therefore, the engines matched with special parameters are undoubtedly more energy-efficient than those chassis without any treatment.

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties. How can concrete pumps save energy and reduce emissions? After the above introduction, I trust that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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