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Concrete pump trucks also need to follow a series of rules of conduct while driving
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-10-13 11:45:42
Concrete pump truck was a kind of construction implement used by many construction parties at that time, and it could greatly improve the construction efficiency. In order to ensure the safety of construction, a series of codes of conduct need to be followed during the travel of the concrete pump truck. So what principles should concrete pump trucks follow after all? In response to this problem, we visited relevant experts.
Experts pointed out that concrete pump trucks had been widely used in various construction fields at that time, but many operators often saw frequent occurrences of operations because they did not strictly abide by the rules. So what criteria should concrete pump trucks follow? Specifically, it should be carried out from the following aspects:
a. Keep a proper distance from the slope or pit;
b When crossing underground passages, bridges, tunnels or high-altitude pipelines, high-altitude cables, be sure to ensure that there is sufficient space.
Between and distance
c The travel speed is not allowed to exceed the maximum speed in the technical data sheet of the pump truck, otherwise there is danger of tipping;
d The center of gravity of the concrete pump truck is high, and it must slow down to prevent tipping when turning.
During the construction process, the concrete pump truck travels according to certain rules, which can ensure the safety and efficiency of the construction. What are the guidelines for concrete pump trucks ? Through the above introduction, I believe that the majority of users already understand this issue.

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