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How to solve the problem of insufficient pumping distance for high-grade concrete?
Source: http://braprogram.com 2019-11-8 9:14:20

Concrete pump was a kind of construction machinery and equipment used by many construction parties at that time. It could greatly increase the power of construction. During construction, many construction parties passed this equipment to improve the progress of the project. However, if the concrete grade is high, it is likely to cause low pumping power. So how to deal with the problem of insufficient pumping interval of high grade concrete in construction? This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out that during the pumping process of concrete pumps , the most difficult factors are high concrete marking, small slump, large viscosity, long interval, high pumping pressure, etc. The appearance of these factors often leads to low pumping power or pumping. The problem of insufficient delivery interval. To deal with this problem, you can check the equipment sufficiently before pumping. Now we will explain the problems you need to check before pumping as follows:

1. The main system pressure can be adjusted to 32MPa, mainly considering the high pumping pressure and the main safety valve overflow.

2. Adjust the displacement of the main oil pump to the minimum. Generally, the pressure of the sequence valve cannot be lower than 10.5MPa, and the nitrogen in the accumulator must be sufficient.

3. The seal of the slide valve cylinder cannot have internal leakage. The buffer of the cylinder can be appropriately small, and the lubrication should be adequately dredged. Otherwise, the gate may be slowly raised or not in place due to the large viscosity and resistance of the concrete. Cause the Y-shaped tube or reducer to be blocked.

4. The abrasion gap of the brake plate cannot be too large, otherwise the same problem will be caused by the leakage of the slurry.

5. The Y-shaped pipe and the upper casing must be tightly sealed, otherwise the pipe will be blocked due to slurry leakage, which will cause unnecessary loss to the construction.

Insufficient pumping interval of high-grade concrete will bring great obstacles to construction. So how to deal with the problem of insufficient pumping interval of high-grade concrete in construction? After the above introduction, we trust the broad users to understand this issue.

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