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Concrete pump
Concrete shotcrete pump
Concrete pump
Concrete pump
HBTS80-13-110 concrete pump

Model parameters


Main oil pump

/ 韩独液压集合团体 Kawasaki / Handu Hydraulic Group

ml/r Displacement of main oil pump ( ml / r )


Motor Power


/ 行程( mm Bore / stroke of main cylinder ( mm )

125/1950 Φ 125/1950

/ 行程( mm Concrete cylinder bore / stroke ( mm )

200/1950 Φ 200/1950

Hydraulic hose



American Parker

Electronic control system


PLC unit


Proximity switch


Intermediate relay


remote control

With remote control

High and low voltage conversion


/ 垂直( m Pumping distance horizontal / vertical ( m )


Pressure gauge




Lubrication system

Automatic hydraulic

Main features of concrete pump

A hydraulic system

1. The double pump and double circuit open hydraulic system is adopted. The main pump oil path and S valve swing oil path are independent of each other, making the system simpler and more practical. The reliability is higher.

2. The main pump oil return direction is controlled by the main control valve externally controlled pilot decompression control.

3. The pumping hydraulic system has safety overflow protection. At the same time, when the main pumping system is over-pressured, the oil pump pressure is cut off automatically and the main pump is protected in multiple stages.

4. Adopt oil-absorption filtering technology to prevent foreign objects from entering the hydraulic system, further improving the reliability of the hydraulic system and the life of each component.

Second, the pumping oil circuit uses valve block mode for high and low pressure switching, convenient and reliable.

Third, the high-power forced air-cooled radiator enables the oil temperature to be effectively controlled and ensures the normal operation of the host hydraulic system.

Fourth, the hydraulic pipeline adopts conical seal or imported rectangular seal, and the pipeline joint is sealed reliably.

Fifth, the electrical system uses a programmable controller (PLC), which is intelligent, integrated and humanized. The main electrical components are selected from Japan's Mitsubishi, Omron, and French Schneider to ensure high reliability of the system.

Sixth, the hopper, S valve and other key force components, using computer programs to simulate the structural state of stress, stress concentration of the situation; the designed hopper, S valve structure of good steel, good processability, to avoid Deformation of the hopper and shaft breakage of the S valve during high-level transportation of similar products.

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